Software Development

CRLT's "The Incident" looks like, and responds like, a third-person, turn-based video game, but it's significantly modified to support leaders that are used to training via a tabletop or war game experience.  The characters not controlled by participants are autonomous, and they are programmed based on real-world case studies (FBI Active Shooter Bulletin, US Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, and the American College of Surgeons studies on Morbidity from Mass name a few).  The simulation can be run as a stand-alone training platform, or various organizations and agencies can participate in the same training scenario remotely (similar to a video game's multiplayer feature).

This highly customized simulation adds realism to major incidents such as active shooters, workplace violence, barricaded suspects, chemical and biological containment, major fires, and natural disasters, but in a familiar way that assists leaders, at all levels, in making decisions and determining critical paths to success.

Our product provides significant value to customers by delivering a comprehensive training package for crisis response that can be used in an unlimited fashion at a significant cost reduction for the vast majority of department and corporate budgets.

  • Save lives

  • Inclusive Training

  • Reduce Liability and Track Training Compliance

  • Establish Employee Well Being 

CRLT is located in Lafayette, Indiana near Purdue University.  We have supported numerous clients in the past with Emergency Management program training.  These clients include the federal and state governments, the Department of Defense, municipalities, local law enforcement agencies, universities, schools, churches, day cares, nonprofit organizations, and Fortune 100 Companies.  We provide custom-tailored courses to exceed the expectations of our clients.  You can find our course calendar here

Consulting Services

CRLT also specializes in providing advice on the significance of Situational Awareness and Understanding, Common Operating Picture, and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) as they apply to Emergency Management planning and operations.  CRLT works with a variety of clients providing tailored courses, training, and implementation strategies for Active Shooter/Assailant Incident Response.  CRLT instructors are THE Subject Matter Experts in their field of focus; each instructor has over 20 years experience within their area of expertise.


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