Why We believe in the Importance of Community

When you think of where you live what comes to mind? Probably you are thinking about your house, your family, your job and maybe that corner market that is always open just when you need a last-minute snack. But what makes up home is a lot more than that.

Does your city have a unique, exciting culture?

How are the local parks and restaurants?

How great are the schools?

Do you say hello to your neighbors when they mow their lawn?

When we look at what makes a house our home, we are talking about community.

A community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

A sense of community is essential to living happy, healthy lives. Without them, we would never get outside of our immediate, comfortable circle. Communities allow us to support one another by sharing our strengths and coming together to create a place worth living. When we think of what makes a great community, we think of three major necessities:

1. Things to Do

Are you just waiting for a weekend getaway or does your community offer a wide variety of things to do? Having a range of local restaurants, boutiques and seasonal events like street fairs or concerts in the park all help grow and celebrate the diversity of its residents.

2. Opportunities to get involved

Does your community ask for your help and give you opportunities to help shape the way it grows? A sense of community comes when every resident feels ownership over their space and know that the things they do matter and their voice is heard. Through volunteering or joining local civic clubs you are a part of the solution to growing your community for the people. 

3. Safety

How safe do you feel in your community? If you have the best restaurants and best parks in the area but don’t feel free to enjoy them what good are they? At CRLT we built our entire business on the premise that everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their communities.

We believe that with activities, opportunities and a sense of security people a community can be built and the people within can thrive. What do you love about your community? Let us know below.

Interested in learning more about how CRLT aims to keep communities safe? Check out what we’re working on here*link to products and services*.

Jul 25, 2020


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