Revolutionizing Learning Through Gamification

“Gamification” is a phenomenon often seen in modern learning solutions such as Duolingo, which has helped over 1 billion people learn new languages, or Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition which teaches school children about science and engineering. Gamification seems a nebulous term to many, but its definition is simple: using game design methodologies to create engaging learning environments. Oftentimes this leads to faster and longer-lasting learning, and can even lead to specific skills training in cases like Underground, which trains laparoscopic surgeons to complete operations with more efficiency and a higher success rate.


case study from Raw. Studio about Duolingo’s use of gamification explores in detail how it uses game design to guide its users to effective and consistent language learning. Other examples of effective gamification follow the same principles. These types of games are known as Transformative Games, meaning the goal of the game is not entertainment. Rather, the goal is to transform the player during play, so that they’re a different person after having had the experience.


The use of Transformative Games has quickly grown into the perfect solution for our world’s educational gaps. Crisis Response Leader Training uses game design methodologies to provide a solution to a learning problem seen in our country today.


Oftentimes, leaders are ill-prepared to face the rapid and unexpected challenges that unfold during times of crisis. Time and time again the consequences of unprepared crisis response are clear. Crisis Response Leader Training hopes to solve this problem and save countless innocent lives by providing leaders with training that’s affordable, repeatable, and adaptable. Using The Incident is as simple as sitting through a five-minute guided exercise, or as complex as gathering dozens of people for a multi-agency response exercise. The Incident can fill training gaps at any point in the training pipeline and uses modern technology and careful game design to provide its players with an engaging and effective transformative experience.


Currently, The Incident offers several training exercises related to active shooter response across different locations. It also offers training in I Love U Guys protocols on reunification and standard response protocol for locking down your area so civilians can keep themselves safe until responders can arrive and perform their duties. Included as well are a learning management system and an after-action review process. Using the Unreal Engine 5 replay system, responders can review their exercise together and assess weaknesses, strengths, and their ability to communicate with one another effectively. The more often simple drills and more complex exercises are done ahead of time, the less room for error there is when the time comes to save the lives of people in your community.

If you're interested in seeing The Incident for yourself and whether it is the correct solution for your organization or community, reach out at to schedule a 60- Minute Virtual Demonstration.

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By Austin Cottle
Sep 14, 2022


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