Software Solutions

CRLT helps leaders by providing hyper-realistic software-based simulations focused on Consequence Management. Consequence Management increases the effectiveness of responders and reduces the negative impacts of events on communities.

Our product provides significant value to customers by delivering a comprehensive training package for crisis response that can be used in an unlimited fashion at a significant cost reduction for the vast majority of department and corporate budgets. Additionally, CRLT is partnered with a major university specializing in technology innovation. We will continually improve our product to increase our services... reaching more and more potential customers by providing them what they need.



Our solution is built on 3 principles:  Plan/Prep – Execute – Assess. We are the only solution focused on integrated training for all three phases.  The result is emergency teams are better equipped to contribute to a coordinated response while making decisions within the scope of their own author.

Think of our product as similar to a modern video game using the style of a tabletop exercise to focus leaders on making critical decisions that are based on real-world case studies.

Our Mission

We will provide the Best-In-Class Software and Services to those that must efficiently and effectively handle an emergency or crisis by using the best Video Game Engine in the Industry (combined with gaming, programming, and crisis response Subject Matter Experts).


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